Experience Supporting Federal Initiatives

CTAC has extensive expertise and experience in supporting project implementation and conducting multi-year evaluations. CTAC’s capabilities comprise all facets of program evaluation and program performance review and reporting.


CTAC is working with Harmony Public Schools, a charter system with schools in across Texas as evaluator of a 5-year TIF grant for performance-based compensation. The program is designed to improve teacher performance through a new professional development structure for teachers and principals that includes clearer pathways to leadership and incentives for improved student growth. CTAC is gathering student achievement data as well as surveys and interviews to assess the impact of these changes on student performance and school climate.

Track Record

CTAC provided technical assistance and evaluated Denver Public Schools’ landmark performance-based compensation program, which was the impetus for Congressional enactment of the Teacher Incentive Fund, as well as TIF initiatives in:

  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (NC)
  • Henrico County Public Schools (VA)
  • Prince William County Public Schools (VA)

Read the reports:

Read the reports

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Using evaluation to strengthen TSL program implementation is composed of conducting data analysis, keeping policy and program decisions on track, and recognizing that leadership matters. Conducting data analysis builds understanding of the results by using advanced statistical methods, ensures key voices are heard by conducting surveys, interviews, and focus groups of teachers, principals, central administrators, and the community, and provides straight-forward evaluation and performance reports with actionable recommendations. Keeping policy and program decisions on track provides evidence of which TSL components are strengthening student achievement and educator performance, information needed to make informed and timely mid-course improvements, and ensures fairness and fidelity of implementation. Leadership does matter, and CTAC is a national leader in conducting evaluations of TIF and TSL initiatives that help districts to sustain success. Our evaluation of Denver's landmark compensation reform provided the base of evidence for federal policy makers to enact the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) and its TSL successor. CTAC has 39 years of expertise and experience in providing customized evaluations.     Making TSL Successful has three components: build constituent buy-ins, tie TSL to instructional improvement, and ensure the sustainability of what works. Building constituent buy-ins means involving all key stakeholders in shaping and implementing the TSL initiative, developing a two-way communication system to consistently share and receive information, and put key challenges on center stage so they can be responsively addressed. Tying TSL to instructional improvement means aligning TSL activities to the district's instructional priorities, providing frontline educators with needed instructional support and professional development, and connecting educator evaluation to professional growth opportunities. Ensuring the sustainability of what works means making timely mid-course improvements to address implementation challenges, sustaining the initiative beyond the initial grant period by using years 4 and 5 to expand impact districtwide, and conducting financial modling to anticipate costs and identify long-term resource requirements.