Dramatic improvements in student performance. System-wide education reform reaching thousands of classrooms. Groundbreaking development of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) that revolutionized how schools measure academic progress. Broad-based neighborhood revitalization that has become a national model. Driving and supporting educational innovation.

CTAC is a national, minority-controlled, nonprofit organization with a demonstrated record of success driving and supporting educational innovation and community development. Working at local, state, and national levels, we achieve significant, long-term improvements in areas such as student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and organizational capacity. Our priority is addressing the root causes of poverty in low-income communities and communities of color.

At CTAC, we’ve been driving innovative educational and community change since 1979.

CTAC works collaboratively with school leaders, teachers, parents, and community organizations to build their capacity for educational innovation to achieve sustainable, high-impact change. We work with our partners to:

  • Analyze challenges to identify their root causes and evaluate the effectiveness of improvement strategies.
  • Develop creative solutions to address problems in new, more effective ways.
  • Strengthen implementation of organizational and management solutions by providing intensive, on-site assistance to our partners.
  • Demonstrate results by conducting research and program evaluation.
  • Sustain the impact of initiatives through advanced capacity building and improvement science.

Our national reach and experience makes it possible to provide responsive, ongoing support to school systems, community-based organizations, coalitions, government agencies, and philanthropic institutions across the country.