Strengthening communities from the inside

The Community Training and Assistance Center (CTAC) assists community-based organizations to strengthen organizational effectiveness and sustainability and to achieve greater impact in their communities. We particularly focus on low-income organizations and communities of color. We also partner with foundations, health and human service agencies, community development organizations, and others working to strengthen under-resourced communities.

Our services are highly individualized and tailored to the specific needs of each organization and coalition. We provide technical assistance—including on-site assessment, training, mentoring, and support—in order to:

Increase organizational effectiveness. By building the internal capacity of each organization, we assist groups to more effectively advance issues and generate results.  We work with organizations to:

  • Identify their development needs and address critical gaps
  • Expand and diversify community leadership and partnerships
  • Utilize data and other sources of information to inform decision-making
  • Conduct initiatives that stay true to identity, mission, and values
  • Build monitoring and evaluation processes into organizational practices

Maximize impact in the community. Based on community-identified needs, we work with groups individually and collectively to develop and implement strategies for responsive community and institutional change. We help organizations to:

  • Implement approaches that link economic development, human services, and leadership development
  • Develop affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization strategies
  • Form multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalitions
  • Strengthen immigrant rights
  • Negotiate community benefits agreements

Contribute to the impact of broader movements or networks of change, through the effective leadership and collaboration of community groups that bring the grassroots voice and power to the table. We help organizations to:

  • Assure the community’s rightful role as leaders of community and institutional change
  • Advocate for needed policy changes at local, state, and national levels
  • Identify resources and networks that can be responsive to community needs
  • Assess the value of these resources and networks
  • Identify strategies for overcoming barriers or addressing challenges to meaningful community access

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