The Innovations Lab at CTAC

The Innovations Lab at CTAC helps inspired leaders and organizations to achieve nationally recognized results. We assist leaders to develop and implement creative solutions to some of the most entrenched problems in the fields of education and community development. And we’ve been doing so for 42 years.

A Track Record of Innovation with Impact

The Innovations Lab at CTAC is based on the premise that leaders can transform their visions for change into on-the-ground realities. Beginning with the challenges that you are facing and your starting points, the Innovations Lab at CTAC helps you to assess the potential for change, develop innovative options, and build the capacities and constituencies needed to support the new direction. Drawing on the expertise of the Innovations Lab’s senior staff and key research from numerous fields and disciplines, we help you to achieve and sustain high-impact change.

With the assistance of the Innovations Lab at CTAC, our partners have successfully addressed some of the most vexing problems facing education and community development. Examples include: