CTAC created and convened the National Urban Reform Network, a 15-city coalition of superintendents, school board members, teachers, principals, corporate executives, health and human service providers, parents, and community leaders, which informed and advanced federal policy on educational issues affecting urban families.

“By linking school district, community and corporate voices in a non-partisan way, CTAC’s National Urban Reform Network got the attention of Congress and had a substantial impact on federal policy.”

—William Eglinton, Chief Operating Officer, Public Service Company of New Mexico (former)


  • All major positions which the Network spearheaded were included in the ESEA reauthorization.
  • The Network’s testimony was highlighted on the first page of the Congressional record as critical to the final legislation.
  • The Network testified for both political parties, and in both Houses of Congress, on the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act—an unparalleled opportunity to inform salient education legislation.


School districts and communities of: Akron, Albuquerque, Allentown, Cleveland, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Jackson, Jefferson County (Louisville), Long Beach, Newark, Palm Beach, Sacramento, Salem-Keizer, Salt Lake City, and Savannah