A key to success is to examine your ability to achieve your goals. The Community Training and Assistance Center (CTAC) helps by conducting a comprehensive organizational assessment that provides the insights needed to help your community group set a new trajectory.

Organizational assessment is a developmental process that builds a constituency and the capacity for change. Working closely with organizational leaders, as well as internal and external stakeholders, CTAC assesses the capacities needed to bring an organization to the next level of operational and programmatic effectiveness. This provides an essential building block for having greater impact in the community.

Using CTAC’s Organizational Assessment Rubric™, we examine such areas as mission and vision, board roles and responsibilities, understandings of community conditions and systems, communications, resource management and systems, and leadership and impact. This information then makes it possible to identify:

  • Organizational development, community organizing, and campaign development needs
  • Workable plans for building capacity
  • Technical assistance, training, and policy development needs
  • Changes needed to respond to community and funder demands
  • Resources and support system needs
  • Opportunities to adjust and strengthen organizational practices in order to have a greater community impact

We customize the assessment process to fit the specific needs and goals of your organization or coalition, with cultural sensitivity and integrity.

Extensive experience

CTAC has conducted hundreds of assessments for organizations across the country. Our staff brings years of knowledge and expertise in working directly with communities and organizations.

Organization members we’ve worked with have expressed the positive, lasting impact of the assessment process:

“It provided an important opportunity to identify commonalities through a participatory dialog.”

“It improved our communication and it’s making us more efficient, working smarter.”

“Our organizational assessment is preparing us for the future.”