CTAC’s Principal Readiness and Effectiveness Program (PREP) supports and grows school leaders to ensure leadership success and sustainability by focusing on student learning and professional growth. PREP is:

  • grounded in the Professional Standards for School Leaders (PSEL, 2015)
  • customizable and adaptable to the needs of each client
  • shaped by the needs of the school leader through differentiated learning experiences
  • personalized through job-embedded activities and executive coaching

Leadership Facets

CTAC identified six key facets of effective leadership characterizing the definable aspects of leadership within PSEL. Each facet includes domains of leadership that are the specific focus of the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish the intent of the facet.

Learning Modules

PREP consists of twelve learning modules providing the learning content and path. Each module is designed to foster ongoing inquiry that results in deeper understanding of content knowledge and skills.

Instructional Design

The instructional design for the learning modules adheres to the body of research on adult learning to ensure sustainability of knowledge and success for the school leader activities.

Job-embedded Application

Job-embedded projects provides the opportunity to take learning to a deeper level by transferring and applying the knowledge and skills to practical situations in schools.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching focuses on the individual needs of the leader and is aligned to the job-embedded application of learning within in each module.

Leadership Practices

PREP’s Leadership Practices are evidence-based competencies critical for the success of school leaders.  The practices are embedded in every module to support deepening of content knowledge and skills while strengthening essential competencies for school leadership.

Leadership Growth Continuums

Growth continuums for the Leadership Facets and Practices are an essential feature of PREP.  The continuums detail indicators/descriptors of specific behaviors indicative of performance for each facet and practice.  The continuums serve as a pre- and post-reflection for the school leader as well as a measurement of learning.


National Policy Board for Educational Administration (2015). Professional Standards for Educational Leaders 2015. Reston, VA: Author.