EglintonWilliam Eglinton, Director, Management, Finance and Policy, serves on CTAC’s research and evaluation team and focuses on local, state, and federal public policy. He previously served as executive vice president and chief operating officer of Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM: a Fortune 200 company), and chairman of the board for all corporate subsidiaries. Bill served as CTAC’s co-project director for the TIF-supported Leadership for Educators’ Advanced Performance initiative with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, directed CTAC’s National Urban Reform Network, led site research and evaluations teams in Christina (DE), Denver (CO), and Newark (NJ), and trained district leadership teams, community collaboratives, corporate leadership groups, and policymaking bodies at local, state, and national levels. His areas of expertise include school/corporate collaboration, performance-based compensation, executive assistance to superintendents and boards of education, and education policy.